Play On Words

“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become”      – Dr. Seuss

Our Guiding Principles

We want your child to enjoy being a child! The best for our Reno, Sparks, and Carson City communities is our goal.
Speech, language, and communication therapy services to children of all ages is available. We prefer to provide speech therapy at their natural environment as they play so that when we leave, they can keep on learning. Your peace of mind is our goal. Collaboration with families, teachers, and others involved in their daily lives is the focus of our service, so that your child can focus on being a child.

It is part of parenthood to worry about your child. As a parent, you have the best instinct about your child. Sometimes, you might just need a little reassurance. Otherwise, we are here for you! We love to answer questions about your concerns so that you can have that peace of mind to play freely with your child.


Here are some milestones that can be easily used as guidelines for your child’s development:

occupationl therapy for toddlers reno nevada

During the first year

Your child will babble and imitate a lot of what you do with your body and your mouth, (the cutest time!)

occupationl therapy for toddlers reno nevada

By 12 months

Your child might start to say 1 word meaningfully and understand some. It may not be perfectly understandable yet. For example, he might say “bata” for ‘bottle’.

occupationl therapy for toddlers reno nevada

By 18 months

By 18 months, we expect them so say about 50 words and understand so many more!

occupationl therapy for toddlers reno nevada

Around 2 years

Your child’s speech might be understandable about 50% of the time to people not familiar with her.

occupationl therapy for toddlers reno nevada

Around 3 years

Her speech might be understandable over 75% of the time to other people and may be 90-100% to you.

occupationl therapy for toddlers reno nevada

Call us

If you are concerned or merely seeking reassurance, give us a ring!

Schedule a Free Screening

To be proactive in every child’s development, we will provide free screening to children at preschools and day cares. A screening lets us know if a speech evaluation maybe needed to identify a child's communication strengths and needs.
Screenings are available in Reno, Sparks, Carson City.